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    Thank you for inquiring with Drift in the Heights! Please read through the following information to help determine what best suits your event, then answer the questions in red at the end of the e-mail.

    Tab Options:
    Individual Tabs: Should you wish for your guests to pay for their own beverages while here, please note this option. Bartenders will require a Credit Card to authorize each tab. Tabs that are not closed out will have a 20% gratuity added automatically.

    Drink Tickets: Drift Heights can provide drink tickets to help control cost and consumption. The number of drink tickets is pre-determined by the host, and can be restricted based upon your request. Some restriction examples include, but are not limited to:
    - Beer & Wine Only
    - Price Cap of $12 per Drink (or any $ amount you select)
    - Bottle Beer & Well Liquor
    These drink tickets will be charged at the regular price for each individual item (For example if you have selected a $12 cap per drink and a guests orders a $4 beer, you will be charged $4), and you will only be charged for the tickets redeemed, not the tickets distributed. (i.e. Your host distributes 100 drink tickets, but only 50 are redeemed for drinks, you will be charged only for those 50 drinks at standard retail price).

    Drink tickets cannot be combined to allow access to higher priced beverages.
    Wristbands: Wristbands can be provided to groups looking to ensure they guests can order through any bartender, but are not limiting drinks by way of tickets. These can also be used to help set accounts with food trucks.

    Bill Cap: A bill cap can be pre-established to help keep your group within budget. Once established, the lead staff member will notify the host when they are approaching the cap total, and give the option of closing the tab or extending the cap.

    Food Options:
    We do not have an on-site kitchen here at Drift, but there are still food options available to you.

    Food Trucks: Doggie Bag Wings is our main food trucks, and is here Wednesday through Sunday. Should you wish to open an account for your group with the truck, we can provide contact information to help you do so. If you are looking to book an event on a Monday or a Tuesday, we can coordinate with one of our other trucks to be here for the event.

    Caterings: We allow and encourage outside food to be either catered or brought by your group. Keep in mind, however, we do not have on-site equipment, plates or utensils. These all must be provided by your caterer or host.

    Delivery: You are welcome to have food delivered via any of the on-line delivery options. Most delivery persons will not enter the premises to deliver, but will need to be greeted at the front door. **Please note that we do not allow outside beverage of any kind. This includes soft drinks, water bottles, gifts, raffle prizes, etc.

    Other Notes:
    - We are a 21 & Up venue at all times.

    - We do not allow the use of speakers, amps, karaoke machines, DJs, live music, or any other audio equipment that can affect the rest of our guests experience.

    - Decorations are permitted, excluding the following: Glitter, Confetti, Silly String or any decor difficult to clean. No items can be adhered to walls, windows or tables. Balloons must be weighted or tied. Signage must be free-standing, such as a basic A-frame or easel. We do not offer access to electrical outlets for either catering or decor.

    Please respond to the following questions in RED to begin the booking process:

    Once again, thank you for inquiring with Drift in the Heights for your event. We look forward to hosting you!

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    made N LA dawgs


    LUNCHBOX Hippies


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    Book your next office happy hour, girls night out, or game-watching party with us! Whether you’re rooting for your team on the patio or enjoying a well crafted cocktail, Drift creates memorable moments for you and your guests.

    For more information on hosting a private event at Drift, please email:events@driftbarhouston.com

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