Our Story

A distinctive, well-preserved and comfortable space, high-quality products, authentic cuisine, food and drinks are done flawlessly.
– The Best Place To Be –
The Bar's History
Our Philosophy

The very essence of Drift’s philosophy lies in embracing the concept of “drifting” – an art of letting go and surrendering oneself to the flow of life. Like a river gently meandering to the sea, Drift encourages its patrons to immerse themselves in the present moment and enjoy the company of friends and even canine companions. This gentle invitation to embrace the “now” reflects the underlying philosophy of mindfulness, reminding us to savor the fleeting moments of joy and camaraderie.


In an age characterized by constant hustle and noise, Drift stands as an oasis of tranquility, inviting guests to retreat from the complexities of modern life. The wrap-around patio symbolizes unity and inclusivity, creating a space where diverse souls converge and connect over hand-crafted drinks and delightful cuisine. The philosophy of Drift, in this sense, celebrates human connection and the bonds that form when people come together to unwind, laugh, and share stories.

Beloved Place
Unique Experience

Beyond the buzz of conversations and the clinking of glasses, Drift invites us to ponder the idea of moderation and balance. Like a true Texas icehouse, the bar represents the cultural heritage of its location, where people have historically sought solace in uncomplicated pleasures. It encourages patrons to indulge in the richness of life but also to refrain from excess, finding contentment in the simplicity of the moment.

The giant screens spread across the bar, broadcasting sports events, offer another philosophical dimension. They remind us of the impermanence of competition and the fleeting nature of victory or defeat. Just like the tides that wash ashore and recede, triumphs and losses come and go, yet the memories of shared experiences with friends linger in our hearts.

Drift, in its amalgamation of diverse influences, reveals a profound truth: unity in diversity. It teaches us that despite our differences, we can still coexist in harmony, celebrating the unique characteristics that make each individual special. It exemplifies the idea that a true community is not based on homogeneity but on the acceptance and appreciation of diversity.